Brain and Mental wellness have been taboo topics for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, despite society's progress in understanding the challenges in this area, the negative stigma remains. When you suffer from things such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression, you tend to sweep it under the carpet, put on a brave face, and smile for the 'camera.' Many people suffer in silence, thinking what they're going through is normal or not wanting to appear "weak" to their peers. Regardless, millions of people struggle daily with these issues despite all the medications and therapy available.

Brain and mental wellness have been an issue that has personally impacted my life and those close to me. I've seen people I love battle with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, and ADHD. In many cases, these individuals have tried everything to find relief, including going to multiple doctors and specialists. But at the end of the day, many are left wondering how they can continue to live 10, 20, 30 or more years feeling this way. It's overwhelming, and at times, the situation seems hopeless, and unless you've personally struggled with these issues, it's hard to comprehend.
I know those feelings intimately because I have been battling some of these issues for the last 20 years.

Depression and chronic fatigue began affecting me in my early 20s. I had tried everything, from medications to changing my diet, but nothing could help eradicate the dread of waking up each day knowing what was in store for me mentally. I tried not to let people know what I was going through, loaded up on caffeine to fight the fatigue, and kept my struggles hidden from the world. However, deep inside, I wondered how I would continue functioning the next day.

I think the most frustrating thing for me was going from doctor to doctor, having multiple tests done, yet no one figuring out what was happening inside of me. Doctors looked at my hormones, found areas that were deficient and could be improved, and prescribed drugs to help. Certain anti-depressants would make a difference for a time, but eventually they stopped working. My doctors got to the point of saying, "there's nothing more we can do to help you."

To make matters worse, I found out many of my friends and family members were also struggling with brain and mental wellness and couldn't find any long-term relief.

I sat down one day, closed my eyes, and started to reflect on what I had done fix my situation. I had done everything I was told to do, and was fed up. There had to be a way to help myself and others improve naturally.

That's when I said, "screw it," and decided to take matters into my own hands. I began researching everything I could find on different vitamins, minerals, and herbs to see what I was potentially missing.

Surprisingly, I began finding clinical studies on combinations of plant and fruit extracts, and different vitamin and mineral formulations that showed significant improvements in brain and mental wellness.


But here's the thing, no one was creating products that contained the quality or correct amount of the ingredients to have a clinical impact on their health.

Sure, there were products out there using some of the clinically studied ingredients I had found, but they were using small amounts to cut costs reducing the likelihood of the product working.

That's when I realized why so many people didn't see results. So I said, "let's make products based on clinical data and using the correct dosage of ingredients from the trials and research. I knew it might make our products more expensive, but it was necessary, or people would be throwing away their money while not 1 of 2 seeing results.

I decided to create a new company called NuPurity to help accomplish my goal of developing quality products based on data, research, and science.