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Our 100% natural cognitive enhancer supplement is designed to support brain function and improve cognitive performance. It contains a blend of effective, scientifically-backed ingredients clinically shown to support memory, focus, and overall brain health. NuRal™ uses a combination of key ingredients.

1. Organic garden sage extract:

When this is extracted in a high-tech lab it is proven to FLOOD your brain with the memory molecule – restoring your laser-focus and crystal-clear memory. This mediterranean herb is rich in memory-restoring antioxidants and has a long history of treating memory in folk medicine.

So it’s no surprise that when researchers took 90 seniors…split them up into two groups…one receiving this enhanced form of Sage, and the other getting a placebo (a fake pill).

The result? 

Compared to the control, those who took Garden Sage Extract showed a marked boost in their brain power after just 29 days…a short term memory increased by 311%...which means that walking into a room and forgetting what they came in for became a thing of the past!

Secondly, the Garden Sage Extract group’s focus was 2-times stronger…no longer were they struggling to write an email or stay engaged in their favorite book.

While finally, they could also recall tip-of-the-tongue words nearly TWICE as fast…


2. Organic Concentrated Spanish Sage Oil:

This cranks your mind into high-gear so thoughts, ideas and memories flow 21x faster…

It’s so fast, in fact, one well-respected American journal found that Concentrated Spanish Sage Oil improved memory recall by 646% – in just 6 hours.(https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15639154/)

But that’s not all.

When researchers in the same study DOUBLED the dose…It increased thinking speed by 2,025% after just 1 hour!

Which makes PERFECT sense, because when you boost your levels of the memory molecule – your mind comes roaring back to life…

  • Your thinking becomes faster, clearer and sharper…
  • Facts, names, even conversations you had years ago – come flooding back to you…
  • And that means being on top of your work… your relationships… or any tasks in your day-to-day life.

These first two ingredients have been used together for centuries to support cognitive function and enhance memory.

3. Holy Basil:

Hindus consider this their most sacred herb for nourishing the mind.( https://tulsimandir.com/the-sacred-tulsi), so it’s no surprise that studies found that this nutrient:

  • Improved memory recall by nearly 3x. 
  • Increased focus by 202%
  • Plus, it TRIPLED “retrieval speed” compared to the control (meaning you think faster and clearer on your feet).


The results were so astounding, researchers declared that this herb has powerful “cognition-enhancing properties in humans” (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26571987/).

Incredible, right?

4. Bacopa Monnieri:

This Southeast Asian herb releases acetylcholine(https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-761/bacopa), an important neurotransmitter necessary to repair the mind…(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0006291X07013277)

More importantly, it’s also been shown to boost the memory molecule by 300%!(https://www.researchgate.net/publication/346626988_Standardized_)

Which is why in another “gold standard” study, when researchers gave this herb to 60 seniors…the results were incredible.

  • These folks could think 16% faster…(https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2012/606424/)
  • And STAY focused on tasks 33% longer
  • Plus, it’s even been shown to DOUBLE the amount of information you can remember.
In plainspeak…

When you boost the memory molecule in your brain – your brain kicks into high gear, so you enjoy rapid, CLEAR thinking and relentless focus when you need it most.

Bacopa Monnieri and Holy Basil work together with the sage blend to provide an even greater cognitive boost. 

Finally, we use l-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5 MTHF) instead of traditional Folate. L-5 MTHF is the active form of vitamin B9 (which means it's highly absorbable) – an essential vitamin that repairs, nourishes and rejuvenates the brain.

At NuRalTM, we use only the highest quality ingredients and source them from trusted suppliers. Our supplement is 100% natural, non-GMO, and free of any harmful additives or preservatives.

Experience the power of NuRalTM and take your cognitive function to the next level.

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It works!

I love NuRal so much! I have been taking it for over 3 months and can really tell a difference in my mental alertness and clarity! There was one week I didn’t have the product and I fell right back into having brain fog. I am 68 yrs old and feel so much better all over taking this product! I think everyone should be taking NuRal!

Emmanuel Allix
Superb Product

I have noticed a significant difference in not only my memory, but also in my overall well being.
NuRal is a wonderful formula, I will be ordering more.
I would certainly recommend this product to one and all.

F Repp
Would like to be optimistic.

The jury is out but I did go for a second serving.

Dorie Wheelis

Too early to tell have only taken it for 3 days